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Ban Appeal (Weird ban timing)
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Wed Mar 15 2017, 12:47PM
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Last I checked I wasn't banned from Exodus but I've been away in the Army for a while
and now I'm back so I was most likely banned for TK'ing due to a world class asshole who played a trick on me, so apparently there are some REAL douche-bags on Squad and I like to think we've all met them, they practically fucked my game up as soon as the SL and his butt buddy (steam friends) had me drive to main base with a full logistics truck (undamaged also) just so I'd walk back but if that weren't enough he also kicked me as soon as I got out the vehicle and thought it was funny so I had 1 round of revenge with an RPG on that cock sucker.

I fully understand the rules and the meaning of TK'ing but my game was really dumped on because of this person and a little revenge on someone who deserved it is hardly a reason for a permanent ban, if it happened to you as well I believe you'd react the same or ban his ass.

My Steam Profile:

I'm a very friendly player, easy to get along with but down the road there are some pricks who need to be dealt with, I'd really appreciate if I could be unbanned, especially since there's like only 2 good servers for me to join.

If this isn't the reason I've been banned... then what the hell I have no clue and it's probably and accidental TK or something. Thanks for reading and maybe granting me another chance
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